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The study aimed to analyze teaching strategies: the panacea for effective teaching. Teaching is a dynamic and intricate process that calls for a deep comprehension of pedagogy, the development of a supportive learning environment, systems for evaluation and feedback, and the capacity to adjust to new technology developments. The use of technology in education is growing as the field of education changes. Examples of cutting-edge teaching strategies that use technology to improve instruction include blended learning, flipped classrooms, and online learning. Digital literacy is a crucial ability for modern education since it is necessary for educators to be adept with digital tools and platforms in order to integrate technology effectively. They reviewed the concept of teaching, components of teaching, a teacher and the teaching, qualities of a good teacher, concept of teaching strategies, teaching strategies and effective teaching. On this basis, the study concluded that investigation of instructional techniques as the magic bullet for efficient instruction highlights the critical significance that creative and customized methods play in creating successful learning environments. In addition to meeting the different learning styles and preferences of the students, a broad range of teaching techniques encourages participation, critical thinking, and a better comprehension of the material. Because education is dynamic, teachers must constantly modify and improve their techniques to suit the changing demands of a technologically savvy and varied student body. One of the recommendations made was that importance of creating an inclusive learning environment that accommodates diverse backgrounds, abilities, and learning paces should be stressed.

KEYWORDS: Teaching Strategies, Panacea and Effective Teaching 

Martin M. John, Ph.D And Akpan, E. Ebenezer, Ph.D, Fcicn, Ap, Ppgdca, Phdcdpm
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