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Payment Guide

  1. Publication fees should be paid within 7 days of receiving acceptance email by PayPal; electronic funds transfer or bank deposit. Payment sent by western union is not accepted.
  2. Payment confirmation: after successful transaction email payment details (article id, account holder name, transaction id, account no) for payment verification. In case of bank deposit scanned copy of the deposit slip should be mailed to us.
  3. Swift transfer: international bank deposit must have our instruction in swift field 71a. if your bank doesn't offer this option then add USD 30 in payment amount towards transaction charges
  4. Publication fees of the journal for online and print edition is USD 90 (or its equivalent) for Nigerian authors. Also, Editing fee is USD 9.
  5. Payment for publication fees should be made to the following account details:
    Account Name: Global Academic Stars Promoter
    Account Number: 2343019045
    Bank: Ecobank
  6. Payment by swift transfer takes 3 to 4 days because of intermediary bank and payment will be confirmed only after receipt by our bank. The paper will not be published while the payment is in transit.
  7. Payment should be received and confirmed 3 days before final publication. The paper will be rescheduled for next issue of journal if payment is not confirmed by due date.
  8. If payment is not received due to any error or mistake by sender or sender's bank then it is the responsibility of sender to ensure payment is resent and confirmed by due date.
  9. If the sender or sender's bank has deposited amount more than mentioned by mistake then excess amount shall be adjusted in publication fee of next paper.
  10. If payment received is less than invoiced amount then it will not be considered and author has to send remaining amount for publication of paper.
  11. No refund of payment will be made if author decides to withdraw the paper from publication after receipt of publication fees.
  12. No refund will be made if paper is withdrawn/removed from publication due to any misconduct/plagiarism found in research paper before/after publication of paper.
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