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The study analyzed the adoption of the ibibio language in marriage introduction and rite, its significance, and its implications. The adoption of the Ibibio language in marriage introductions and rites is a manifestation of cultural continuity and identity affirmation. It is expressed through the use of Ibibio language during negotiation, dowry presentation, and ceremonial acts, infusing the matrimonial proceedings with linguistic and cultural authenticity. The study reveals that this linguistic integration has significant implications. It reinforces the importance of the Ibibio language in communal affairs, solidifies cultural bonds, enhances intergenerational language transmission, underscores the preservation of Ibibio traditions, and signifies mutual respect between families. Through linguistic integration, marriage ceremonies become not only a celebration of love but also a testament to the enduring importance of language and heritage within the Ibibio community. On this basis, the study concluded that the adoption of the Ibibio language introduction and rite holds significant cultural, social, and educational significance while also carrying important implications for the preservation and revitalization of the Ibibio language and culture. This practice serves as a means of passing down traditional knowledge, values, and customs from one generation to another. It fosters a strong sense of identity, belonging, and pride among the Ibibio people, reinforcing their cultural heritage. Through the language introduction and rite, the Ibibio community can bridge generational gaps, ensuring that younger members of the community develop a deep understanding and appreciation for their roots. One of the recommendations made was that collaboration should be made with educational institutions to incorporate the Ibibio language into curricula. This could include offering language classes, cultural studies programs, and resources for both Ibibio children and adults who wish to learn the language.

KEYWORDS: Ibibio Language, Marriage Introduction and Rite.

Goodnews M. HENRY, Ph.D, Mfon Edem HOGAN And Elizabeth Udo ETE-ETE
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