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The hiring of highly qualified and competent individuals who are better able to meet the demands of their jobs and successfully contribute to the organization's goals might result from a well-designed and stringent selection process. The study assessed accuracy in candidate selection process and job performance. The selecting procedure is essential to accomplishing corporate objectives. The study highlighted application Screening, Interviews, Tests and Assessments, Background Checks, Reference Checks, Psychometric Tests, Assessment Centers and Physical Examinations to be the types and techniques used in the selection of candidate for accuracy and better job performance. The study revealed that candidate who are selected using the techniques of selection process mentioned in this work are more likely to demonstrate better work fulfillment, reduced turnover rates, and increased productivity, which will benefit the employees as well as the firm as a whole. The study reviewed the concept of accuracy, the concept of candidate, the concept of selection process, the concept of job performance, the effect of selection process on job performance of the worker, and the effect of selection process on achievement of organizational goal. On this basis the study concluded that the precision with which candidates are chosen has a significant influence on job performance and organizational success. Several good consequences result when businesses stress accuracy in applicant selection. Appropriately picked individuals have better levels of work satisfaction and engagement. Individuals are more motivated, dedicated, and likely to stay with an organization for the long term when they are placed in roles that fit their abilities and interests. The organization benefits from lower turnover by lowering recruiting and training expenses and cultivating a stable and seasoned team. The precision with which candidates are chosen is a crucial aspect in influencing job performance and overall organizational success. One of the recommendations made was that mangers should include a range of evaluation methods, such as behavioral interviews, technical testing, situational judgment tests, and personality tests. Using a variety of tools allows for a more thorough and accurate assessment of candidates' talents and fitness for the post.

KEYWORDS: Accuracy, Candidate Selection Process, and Job Performance.

Victor G. John, Ph.D & Akpan, E. Ebenezer, Ph.D
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